Friday, 20 August 2010

Barbican - The Surreal House

"You are invited to enter The Surreal House , a mysterious dwelling infused with subjectivity and desire." - Recommended by the BBC, The Guardian and Time Out.

Visit The Surreal House (normal tickets £10) at the Barbican and experience a labyrinth of chambers, designed by acclaimed young architects Carmody Groarke - its haunted rooms, delirious forms, blasted architecture and cinematic dreamscapes, hosting artists, designers and architects who seem inspired by some themes not too far from Pollock's own heart, utilizing in parts Victorian and traditional imagery by drawing themes that are all together light hearted, sinister, weird and wonderful into a beautifully dichotomous, albeit abstract, whole - cohesion through the most unlikely of means. Click on the link at the top of the page for more information.

We are particularly enamoured with the work of Czech animator Jan Svankmajer. Check out part one of his fantastic short-film Jabberwocky below, giving a unique, alternative representation of Lewis Carroll's wonder (if not slightly sinister) land. Porcelain dolls and dancing jumping jacks are but some of the images that give Svankmajer's work a strong 'Pollocky' feel.

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